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Hawker began as a British aircraft manufacturer in the early 1920's. They played a major role in British aviation history.

In 1980, Hawker was purchased by Raytheon, who continued the manufacturing of business jets and re-branded the company Hawker Beechcraft. 

Hawker Duiker

Hawker Duiker.jpg

Hawker Woodcock

Hawker Woodcock.jpg

Hawker Hart (Osprey)

Hawker Hart.jpg

Hawker Tomtit

Hawker Tomtit.jpg

Hawker Fury (Hornet)

Hawker Fury.jpg

Hawker Typhoon

Hawker Typhoon.jpg

Many 1920-1960's Hawker aircraft's are still being flown today in various airshows worldwide.

We carry hundreds of Hawker approved spare parts and have built a network of operators that will help get your iconic Hawker back in the air.

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